Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are an important part of your home, which creates the first and long lasting impression on the house. Modern exterior doors are simple but sophisticated. Though they are made usually of metals, they are designed to replicate wood, glass or other traditional materials. They are more durable than the traditional doors and come with place to hold the modern security items. 3D and multidimensional designs are used to make them appear much bigger than they are.

Modern Exterior Doors for Home

Exterior French Doors

For ages, exterior French doors were the favorite by home builders. But, the contemporary house owners nesting their apartments in crowded areas look for more chic and unique exterior doors. There are several types of doors catering to the home owners’ preferences. However, French door lovers still exist as one of the top picks for doors. They take extra care to build a small porch just to enhance the look of the beautiful door. A well framed French door gives a very classy look to any tiny apartment.

Exterior Sliding Glass Doors

These doors are used both in the front to create a pleasant look and are usually used to have a view of the backside porch overlooking the garden. They are usually made of glass and let in ample amount of sunlight. They give a classic look to any small cottage, eliminating the need to extra lighting. Hence, many exterior doors specialists suggest this type of door for small or medium sized houses. Many apartments use such doors on the area overlooking their balcony.

Exterior Barn Doors

It is quite surprising how a barn door made its way into the modern apartments. Most of us have the memories of our grandparent’s grand farm and the barn with heavy wooden doors. A barn door is used in modern contemporary houses to create a unique look. Apart from creating a different look, these doors usually made up of strong wood serve as strong doors, which cannot be broken into easily. Though it is a bit tough to transport them and they need constant maintenance, many contemporary house owners prefer using a barn door as exterior doors for the sake of those childhood memories.

So, you have seen that there are several types of modern exterior doors suitable for apartments as well as single houses. Mostly, single exterior doors with simple glass windows are used. You can find them in affordable price with lightweight materials. They are easy to install and can be changed often.