Types Of Security Door Locks

Different types of security door locks help to increase not only the privacy in your home, but also your safety and security whether you are indoors or outside your beloved abode. They are your protection from intruders and thieves, who can possibly harm your family and most-valued belongings. So you should not really disregard installing one among the best types of security door locks suitable for your entry doors, as it can be really valuable – maybe more than the amount of money that you have to spend.

Types Of Security Door Locks

1.)    Latches:

These types of security door locks act as a fastener commonly used on barn doors and residential areas. They consist of a bar that fits into a notch and lifted from both sides with a lever or string. They can be opened using a key from the outside to provide moderate level of security.
2.) Entry Locksets:

Being the most basic among the types of security door locks, this door lock is often seen in residential areas. This includes 2 knobs and a simple lock in its door handle, which can be locked from inside and on the outside. There are different types of entry locksets. One type can be locked from the inside by simply pressing or turning a small button and can be unlocked with the use of a key at the opposite side of the knob. Other types lock from both inside and outside with the use of a key; while others can be locked or unlocked on both sides.

2.)    Deadbolt Lock:

This locking mechanism is one of the common choices for home security, mainly because it provides maximum level of security. It contains no springs to operate the bolt. You can only operate it manually with a thumb turn or an exclusive key from the inside.

These types of security door locks can either be a single or a double cylinder. A single cylinder can be operated using a key from the outside and a turn of the thumb to lock or unlock inside. The double cylinder, on the other hand, can be locked or unlocked using a single key from both sides. Double cylinders are commonly used at doors with glass panes so that the house will still be secure even if someone breaks the glass to reach for the door lock.

4.)  Mortise Locks:

These types of security door locks for home consists of a flat and rectangular box that comes together with a recess that locks the door from its edge. It also has two faceplates that consist of a knob, keyholes, and a pin tumbler shaped like a cylinder. Its latch operates from both sides, unless the outside knob is locked. They are commonly used in big entry doors, residential applications and apartment buildings. Mortise locks come in left-handed and right-handed types.

5.)  Keyless Entry Systems:

These types of security door locks provide an advanced and convenient security for homes and establishments that usually come with visual and audio indicators to confirm whether the door is locked or not. Another interesting feature of this locking mechanism is that it has anti-theft rolling code, which ensures that a code will not be used more than once. Some types of keyless entry systems even shout a warning when an incorrect code is entered more than three times.